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A simple internet search to find a coach or mentor or to locate best practices for building coaching capacity can result in a virtual tsunami of options. It’s easy to get so caught up in exploring the alternatives that you never take action.

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what to do if you get fired

Career Crash? Be a Superhero!

As you look back on your career path you can likely see elements of both wisdom and errors as you’ve progressed. A sudden career crash can set you on a hero's journey. The paradox of the hero’s journey is that career and life challenges can force you to accept the parts of yourself that you’d rather not acknowledge, but as you do, you become more authentically you, your best self. While we may … read more

ready for a career change

Look Out! It’s a Mid-Career Crisis!

Maybe you're ready for a career change, or you've been turned down for a promotion, or you feel stuck in a dead-end job. Whatever the cause, “BAM!” you've hit a wall. It's a mid-career crisis. It’s relatively common:  It may be a mid-life thing, but it can happen early on, and it also strikes toward the end of one’s career. In that moment of stuckness, we are faced with three choices: go back, … read more

positive leadership

Positive Leadership! It’s Not What You Think

As a leadership coach and coach mentor, I encourage positive leadership and it's not unusual to encounter resistance from hard-driving executives with a close eye on the bottom line. But positivity coaching today is different from when author Norman Vincent Peale preached his positive philosophy of faith and miracles. Today’s positive-psychology movement is founded on empirical evidence. Social … read more