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A simple internet search to find a coach or mentor or to locate best practices for building coaching capacity can result in a virtual tsunami of options. It’s easy to get so caught up in exploring the alternatives that you never take action.

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Holiday Stress Relief

Holiday Stress Relief

The holiday season is fast approaching, and schedules are getting complicated. It's stressful out there. I can almost feel the stress in the air. Have you ever noticed that when things get complicated, we resist the natural tendency to simplify? The holidays add even more to an already jam-packed to-do list. When faced with too much to do we just do more - faster. Who needs sleep, we … read more

Four Stress Strategies

Stress Survival Strategies

There are four common survival strategies that we typically turn to when our workload causes stress. I call these lizards. Here's why. A few years ago, I was on vacation in Aruba during an unseasonably sweltering heat wave. I began to notice that the higher the temperature, the more lizards I would see sunning themselves on the rocks scattered around the pool. They were all different sizes, … read more

Do Coaches Need Mentors

Does a Coach Need A Mentor?

When we are faced with a big scary monster of a problem that we have not faced before, we tend to look for other people who’ve met a monster and lived to tell the tale. Bottom line? We look for a mentor. We hope that someone who has been there and done that can give us some advice, share lessons learned. Point us in the right direction. Provide us with a short-cut. Anything. Everything. Many … read more