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I have been helping people in workplaces get better at what they do for over 25 years and I can help you!

A simple internet search to find a coach or mentor or to locate best practices for building coaching capacity can result in a virtual tsunami of options. It’s easy to get so caught up in exploring the alternatives that you never take action.

If you’re ready to stop researching and start moving forward, whether it's with coaching, coach mentoring or building a coaching culture in your organization ... together we can do this! Click here to learn more.
Do Coaches Need Mentors

Does a Coach Need A Mentor?

When we are faced with a big scary monster of a problem that we haven’t faced before we tend to look for other people who’ve faced a monster and lived to tell the tale. Bottom line? We look for mentor. We hope that someone who has been there and done that can give us some advice, share lessons learned. Point us in the right direction. Give us a short-cut. Anything. Everything. Many years ago … read more

Invitation to listen

You Are Cordially Invited to Listen. Will you?

There have been many times in my life when I have been invited, sometimes strongly, to stop talking and JUST LISTEN. Have you been invited? Perhaps you haven't recognized the call. Maybe you missed it. Invitations of this kind don't come embossed on beautiful paper finely penned. They arrive as the messy and blurted words of a frustrated person who doesn’t feel heard. A loved one shutting … read more

6 Steps for Becoming and Excellent Coach

Six Tips for Becoming an Excellent Coach

You’ve completed your coach training (or you are well on your way). Now what? Maybe you are coaching inside an organization, or outside as an independent coach. You might be working toward earning more coaching credentials. You’ve had some success, received some nice feedback. You’re pretty talented at coaching in fact! And - you love it. Yay you! I’m going to let you in on a little … read more