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As all International Coach Federation members and credentialed coaches know, continuous learning is a necessary (and some would say the best) part of the process. I have yet to meet an ICF coaching peer who isn’t a life-long learner.

So, Coaches, are you up for a wee challenge? How do you think you will score on this 3-minute quiz on the ICF Coach Competencies?

This is my own little learning tool, designed to help you discover what you recall around the ICF Coach Core Competencies and perhaps motivate you to get growing again!

Note: This is not the official ICF Coach Knowledge Assessment. You will find information on that here, if that is what you are looking for.

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Who is Cathy Shaughnessy? 

Cathy Shaughnessy, Perspective in Action

Cathy is an ICF Master Certified Coach, trained Mentor Coach, and active ICF Assessor. She coaches senior leaders, mentors credentialed coaches and conducts coach performance assessments for the International Coach Federation.

"Having worked hard to earn an ACC, a PCC and finally an MCC over a six year period, I know the potholes, the detours and the bumps in the road when it comes to developing your competencies. I'm launching this Mentor Coaching Group so I can share my insider knowledge with you!  

With over 7 years of group and individual mentor coaching and more than 10,000 hours of direct coaching to my credit, I know how to zero in on just what you need to help you grow (and I talk competency language in a way that will help you understand and integrate the competencies right away)."

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