To be eligible to register, you must have:

Completed at least 60 hours of coach specific training and intend to apply for, or renew, your ACC credential.


Completed at least 125 hours of coach specific training and intend to apply for, or renew, your PCC credential.

The International Coach Federation guidelines allow for mentor coaching to be completed in a one-on-one or group format. Of the 10 hours mentor coaching required for credentialing, 7 hours may be completed in the group format, but three hours must be completed one-on-one.

For this reason, you have two registration choices here:

  • If you would like to register for 7 hours of group mentor coaching only, select Group Mentor Coaching below.
  • If you would like to work with me as your mentor coach for both group and one-on-one mentor coaching, select Group and Individual Mentor Coaching Bundle below.  

Sessions are limited to only 10 participants. If you'd like to work with Cathy as your mentor coach, ACT now!

Here is the information for the October/November 2024 program.

Dates and Times: (Act soon, only 10 spaces available)

Wednesdays – 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm EST:

  • Session #1 - October 23, 2024
  • Session #2 - October 30, 2024
  • Session #3 - November 6, 2024
  • Session #4 - November 13, 2024
  • Session #5 - November 20, 2024
7 Hours and 7 CCE Units
Group Mentor Coaching

$1275 CDN
Not sure which program is right for you? Book a call with Cathy to get more details about the programs and which one is the best fit for you.

Kudos from Cathy's Mentor Coaching Clients 

"Cathy worked with me as my mentor coach. But my relationship with her goes further than that. I initially got to know her through LinkedIn, and loved how selflessly she shared resources, be it her books, handy tracking tools and much more. As I worked with her, I was blown away by how selfless she was in her coaching as well. She pushed me to explore different facets of my coaching, to identify areas to improve and develop and to claim my strengths. She selflessly shared so many of her insights through her years of experience as a coach. When I wasn't in a session 100%, she stayed present with me , while I worked things through. I have learned a lot from Cathy, not just about coaching & mentoring, but about selfless sharing, growth and life. I can truly say I am a better coach today, thanks to the work we did over the course of one year. I cannot recommend Cathy enough. She is simply the best!! Privileged and honored to work with you Cathy!"

Aditi Patil, MBA, PCC

"Any ICF credentialed coach who has gone through the renewal process knows that it is a pretty substantial undertaking. As I was looking to start my renewal process, I knew I needed someone who could help me navigate, not only the mentor coaching hours, but the entire process. Cathy has been a tremendous support through my mentor coaching hours and helped me to minimize the stress of the entire process. A BIG thank you to Cathy for your expertise and encouragement! So happy to have submitted my renewal application and more grateful that I was able to learn from you along the way!"

Caroline Duke

"It is a privilege to recommend Cathy to people seeking to prepare for any level ICF credentials. Cathy and I work together as I prepare to step into the world of MCC. Cathy is very knowledgeable when it comes to all things ICF, which is completely helpful, though she also brings an amazing human touch to every connection we have. I feel completely safe to be vulnerable with Cathy; she gets me. Thank you Cathy for your support. This will be a long process."

Janet Davie, MCC, CEC, CPA

"Cathy came across to me as a divine intervention in my journey of coaching. As my Mentor Coach, she refined my rough edges with utmost care and diligence. She is a reservoir of knowledge and wisdom. As a coach, she has an extraordinary command on coaching skills and also a miraculous ability to pass on the skills gained by her over several years of coaching experience. She is truly a grand master in the field of coaching. I feel blessed to have had her as my Mentor Coach."

Dr. Archana Yemeshvary Ashok Upadhyay

"I just finished an amazing mentor coaching program with Cathy Shaughnessy for the renewal of my ACC ICF certification. I can't recommend her and the program enough. Not only was she supportive and an expert in giving individual feedback regarding the ICF competencies, but the group sessions were also fantastic. It was wonderful to be in such an engaging program. If you are looking to renew your credential and need mentor coaching program, Cathy's is five star!"

Carol Del Vitto, Ph.D.

"I highly recommend Cathy as an MCC Mentor! I had a goal of getting my MCC certification this year and chose Cathy to be my mentor because of her many years of experience and knowledge in mentoring MCCs. When I first connected with her to set aside a time to chat, she was immediate in her responses. All I had to do was speak to her for a few minutes and knew she was the one. Her curriculum is excellent. Her methods of teaching you what coaching looks like as an MCC was on point and exactly what I needed. Her feedback to my recording that I submitted to her for our 1:1 review was extremely helpful and pointed me to exactly what I was doing well and what I needed to do more of/work on. In our last 1:1, she answered the questions I brought and gave me guidance on what the next steps were in the process and what I can do to position myself to be the best Filipina woman MCC ever. The best thing you can do to prepare yourself as an MCC is to connect with Cathy!"

Vivian Padua, PCC™, FFC®, AFC®

Who is Cathy Shaughnessy? 

Cathy is an ICF Master Certified Coach. She coaches senior leaders, mentors credentialed coaches, trains fledgling coaches and helps build coaching cultures in organizations. 

"Having worked hard to earn an ACC, PCC and an MCC over six years, I know the potholes, the detours and the bumps in the road when developing your competencies. I created the ACC/PCC Group Mentor Coaching and MCC Prep Group Mentor Coaching programs to share this insider knowledge with you.  

As an active ICF Assessor and trained Mentor Coach with more than 10,000 coaching hours to my credit, I know how to zero in on what you need to help you grow. And I talk competency language in a way that will help you understand and integrate the ICF Coach Competencies right away!"

ICF prism award