Mentor Mondays is a group mentor coaching experience

Over the course of five weeks, in a series of 90 minute group mentor coaching tele-seminars you will receive: 

  • Tips and techniques for executing on the ICF Coach Competencies
  • Seven of the ten mentor coaching hours required for ICF credentialing
  • Opportunities to coach and receive feedback
  • Worksheets and checklists to keep the learning going between and after sessions
  • Opportunities to hear others in the group coach and receive feedback
  • A letter of completion for the ICF indicating that you have completed seven hours of mentor coaching

You can also work with Cathy one-on-one for your individual mentor coaching requirement

The International Coach Federation specifies that three of your mentor coaching hours must be one-on-one work with a qualified mentor coach. That means you can participate in mentor coaching and choose to work with a different mentor coach for the individual component. Or, you can continue to work with Cathy as your mentor and register for Individual coaching as well as the group programs.  

There are two group options: 

ACC Group

If you have completed at least 60 hours of coach specific training and intend to apply for, or renew your ACC designation, register for this group. 

PCC Group

If you have completed at least 125 hours of coach specific training and intend to apply for, or renew your PCC credential, register for this group. 

Sessions are limited to only 10 participants, once we have 5 people ready to go, the group will start. If you think you'd like to work with Cathy as your mentor coach, ACT now!

Who is Cathy Shaughnessy? 

Cathy is an ICF Master Certified Coach. She coaches senior leaders, mentors credentialed coaches, trains fledgling coaches and helps build coaching cultures in organizations. 

"Having worked hard to earn an ACC, a PCC and finally an MCC over a six year period, I know the potholes, the detours and the bumps in the road when it comes to developing your competencies. I'm launching this Mentor Coaching Group so I can share my insider knowledge with you!  

With over 375 hours direct mentor coaching and more than 5000 hours coaching to my credit, I know how to zero in on just what you need to help you grow (and I talk competency language in a way that will help you understand and integrate the competencies right away)."

master certified coach icf
ICF prism award